About Me

I grew up in the south of Spain and although I didn’t started sewing until my thirties, I spent countless afternoon sitting next to my aunt and my grandmother watching them sew on a treadle machine, a machine which I proudly inherited and which got me started into quilting.

I started cross stitch and knitting as a teen, but it wasn’t until I saw the movie “How to make an American quilt” that I heard about patchwork for the first time. I immediately became hooked on it and I made my first quilt while pregnant from my son Pablo.

Patchwork at the beginning of the century in Spain was something very few people practiced so I took every chance to get into intensive courses whenever any teacher came to my town to give an intensive course.

In 2003 I read about long arm quilting machines and I saw the perfect opportunity to work from home doing something I loved, machine quilting.

I open my machine quilting business in 2005 and I haven’t stopped since them.

I have taken lectures and courses from the best artists in the patchwork industry by going to shows like New England Machine quilting festival, MQS and Houston.

Although I started making traditional quilts I quickly moved to modern quilts. My favorite thing to make is whole cloth quilts.

My whole cloth quilts are far from traditional although I have a great respect for traditional whole cloths.

My quilts come is very influenced by my childhood. I try to reflect the way I see the world now and as a child. Although four years ago I started making quilts based on illustrations from artists like Johanna Basford and Sveta Dorosheva, I am now moving to more whimsical quilts which are products of my imagination

It is a joy for me to read or hear people´s comments when they see one of my quilts. I want people to smile when they see my quilts, I want to transport them to somewhere safe and joyful. If I get it, my objective will be accomplished

I not only quilt tops for my clients but I also travel in Spain and North America give lectures and workshops on machine quilting and whimsical applique.

My quilts have been exhibited in Europe and North America winning numerous awards at Houston, Paducah, Daytona Beach, Lancaster, Manchester, Birmingham and Spain.

I was scheduled to shoot a segment for “The Quilt Show” with Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson in March this year but then the COVID hit everything was cancelled. Hopefully once this pandemic is over, I will be reschedule everything that has been affected by the Covid.