Teaching again, Spring Quilt Festival Online

I have not written quite a few months but I have been quite busy teaching online and working on a new show quilt which I cannot show here for the time being.

I have spent the whole winter creating new mini quilts for the courses that I am going to teach this spring.

Without going any further, this month I am teaching two of my favourites, Ipad for quilters and Trappiquilting.

Where? At the Spring Quilt Festival Online. That is, I will give them via zoom so that anyone can follow them from their own home or their own studio.

When? Ipad for quilters on April 29th from 10 to 13 EST. Sign up for this class in this link: https://www.quiltfest.com/register/spring-quilt-festival-online/workshops-by-instructor/cristina-arcenegui-bono/cristina-arcenegui-bono-ipad-for-quilters-half-day-

and Trappiquilting on April 30th, from 9 to 16 EST. Sign up for this class in this link: https://www.quiltfest.com/register/spring-quilt-festival-online/workshops-by-instructor/cristina-arcenegui-bono/cristina-arcenegui-bono-trappiquilting-full-day-ws-

I am looking forward to having you in one of my classes


Wonderful week at the Virtual Quilt Show

It has been a great week.

I was making my debut as an instructor at an International Quilt Show and I couldn’t be happier.

When the organizers of The Virtual Quilt Show asked me to give some courses at their show,  I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity.

I have taught two classes, one called Borders and Sashings galore. This course is all about machine quilting borders and sashings as you can imagine.

The second one I´ve taught made its debut last week. I call it Trappiquilting and the students have learned a technique that I´ve depelopped in which I combine applique, quilting and trapunto.

The best of the courses? The students. I was delighted to see how they gained confidence, especially in the trappiquilting class.

I´m teaching these courses again in January at the Create DIY organized by Mancuso, and at Road to California.

Machine quilting, Online classes, Virtual Quilt Show

I am in the Virtual Quilt Show

I am so happy to be teaching at the http://www.virtualquiltshow.com. It is going to be my first online show and it is such a big honour to be part of such a wonderful faculty.

I am offering three live classes. The first one is about quilting borders and sashings /https://virtualquiltshow.com/product/borders-sashings-galore/. It will be at 10,00 CST on November 10. It is a 1,5 hours class on drawing and designing borders and sashings.

But wait, do you know what TRAPUNTO is? What about trappiquilting? It is a technique I’ve developed where you lean trapunto and appliqué at the same time. You will spent 4,5 hours of learning and having fun.
This class is scheduled on November, the 13th at 10,00 CST. You can read more about this class on

And last but not least. On the 14h November, I am offering another live class on the Virtual Quilt Show called “Tea at five”. It is all about quilting and coloring a mini quilt. This is a 4,5 hours class as well and starts at 10,00 CST. You can read more about this class on https://virtualquiltshow.com/product/tea-at-five/